Invoca's new call tracking and analytics solution

Combined Solution:

Invoca and Tealium combine their capabilities in this bi-directional integration to enable more accurate insights and better customer experiences through online and offline interactions for both solutions.

Simply put: Tealium sends Invoca rich customer data and Invoca sends Tealium call data for a classic win-win.

Key benefits of bringing it all together

Simple tag deployment and data management

The Invoca tag is available in Tealium iQ Tag Management for easy deployment and cross-channel management of associated Invoca data.

Enrich Customer Profiles with inbound call data

Get better visibility into your customer’s journey to create complete customer profiles in Tealium.

Better informed call center interactions

Along with call data, the customer data available in Tealium helps customer service agents using Invoca by supplying helpful context to inform call center interactions.

Improve the caller experience

Behavioral data is collected prior to the call being placed, allowing Invoca to intelligently route the caller to the right agent.

Take informed actions with better data

From starting an email nurture to suppressing retargeting, Tealium customer profiles enriched with Invoca’s post-call data allow you to trigger customer experience actions through any integrated system.

Get more accurate and complete customer insights

Combining Tealium and Invoca gives you more accurate insights into customer behavior both online and offline.

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